Position: Honeybee Assistant Teacher

Start Date: 10/31/2022

Favorite treats/goodies: Lifesaver gummies, and Honey BBQ fritos

Favorite activities/hobbies: Playing with my dog and watching movies


Position: Honeybee Assistant Teacher

Start Date: September 12th 2022

Favorite Treats/Goodies: Ramen and Sushi

Favorite Activities/Hobbies: Watching sports and going to the movies


Position: Infant Assistant Teacher

Start Date: 08/29/2022

Favorite treats/goodies: Hot Cheetos or hot fries and sour candies, hot brewed coffee

Favorite activities/hobbies: Reading, crochet, watching movies, and being outdoors


Position/age group: Grasshopper Assistant Teacher

Start date: August 11th, 2022

Favorite treats/ Goodies: Twix, blueberry candy, hot chips doughnut’s/cookies

Favorite activities/ hobbies: Singing, dancing, eating, watching movies, having fun



Position: Ladybug Assistant Teacher

Start Date: March 14, 2022

Favorite Treats/Goodies: Starbursts and BBQ Chips

Favorite Activity/Hobby: I like to shop and hang out with my friends.


Position: Assistant Teacher (Float)

Start Date: January 2022

Favorite Treats/Goodies: Goldfish, Starbucks, Sweet Tarts

Favorite Activities/Hobbies: Soccer, spending time with my family and friends!