Welcome to the Growing Grasshoppers Toddler Room


Our classroom is designed to meet the needs of active 2 year old learners!
We have many designated learning centers including dramatic play, science and math, library, blocks, sensory, manipulative, art, and group time area.  Children are encouraged to learn through active play and in relationship with caring, nurturing teachers.

Understanding Your Child’s Development:

Older toddlers learn through exploration and play as they start to form skills that will be the building blocks to preschool. At this stage, children are working on autonomy, which means finding ways to be different from those around them. It makes sense, then, that “NO!” is their favorite word! Teachers know this stage represents an important milestone in your child’s life and demonstrate patience and empathy while modeling and teaching positive social skills. We encourage toddler’s independence by allowing children to make their own choices throughout the day, having children dress themselves, and applauding their efforts in good decision making. We strive to create a supportive classroom environment through positive interactions, predictable routines and engaging activities.

Growing and Learning in the Grasshopper Room:

Each day your child will learn through a variety of hands on, developmentally appropriate activities including art and sensory activities, puzzles, matching games, dramatic play, and more. Teachers and children sing, read books, and participate in puppet plays to enhance their language skills. Grasshoppers (1)We also release our energy through yoga, jumping, walks, ball play, and other fun games! In addition to cognitive development, we spend a lot of time helping children learn positive social skills and effective emotional regulation strategies.  Some of our objectives include learning about themselves, identifying their feelings and feelings of others, communicating their ideas and needs, and practicing problem solving and thinking skills. We encourage our class to use gentle touches with our friends, use quiet voices, and walking feet in the classroom.

Each day with toddlers brings so much joy and teachers love sharing stories and observations with families. Through daily communication and conferences, parents and teachers come together for the well being of each child.

Typical Group Size: 16

Staff to Child Ratio: 1:5 (as often as we can), we will always follow state ratios of 1:7


A non-refundable fee of $50.00 for the first child, $25.00 for each additional child per family is required.  A deposit of one week’s pre-paid tuition is required to hold toddler and preschool placements. Pre-paid tuition will applied to your account when your child starts.


Families with two or more children enrolled full time will receive a 10% discount on the oldest child’s tuition.