How are families at FCDC involved?

At FCDC, we believe that good family-teacher relationships are the key to healthy children, happy families and a successful program. We strive to form a partnership with families and offer many opportunities for parents to be involved with their child’s education at FCDC.

Classroom Connections

We have an open-door policy and welcome you to visit your child’s classroom any time. Caterpillars5

Other opportunities for family participation include:

  • Nursing mothers are welcome to spend time in the infant room feeding their child.
  • Parent-Teacher conferences are held twice each year.
  • Families are invited to volunteer in their child’s classroom.
  • Preschoolers enjoy off-site field trips and we appreciate volunteers for chaperones!
  • Ask your child’s teacher to be a Mystery Reader!

Parents As Leaders

The Parents As Leaders (PALs) Team meets every 6 weeks and is comprised of parents whose children attend FCDC. The PALs Team addresses topics of interest to FCDC families and provides a parent perspective to the organization’s decision-making and policies.


PALs projects include:

  • Coordinating the Annual FCDC Family Picnic
  • Plan Center-wide Family Outings
  • Participating in conversations about Parent Education Opportunities at FCDC

All current FCDC family members are welcome at PALs meetings, which are held on an as needed basis. Please contact our PALs team for more information at

You can also checkout our PALs website for the most up to date information here: