Welcome to the Darling Dragonflies Infant Room


The Dragonfly Room is arranged to support your baby’s development as he or she grows and changes. We provide a loving, safe place for your infant to explore and learn.Dragonflies Our room has a napping area, with cribs and cots, mats for crawling and climbing, tables for sensory play and open rug space for playing.

Understanding Your Baby’s Development:
This is a busy time in your child’s development, with new milestones almost every day!  During their time in the Dragonfly Room, infants start solid foods, take their first steps, say their first words and begin to exert their independence. Teachers support children during these sensitive periods of development by creating a stable, predictable environment. 
We also recognize that each parent is their child’s expert and encourage parents to share with us concerns and desires for their child’s care. Through daily communication and conferences, the teachers are able to share observations about the child’s development and interactions. This helps parents and teachers come together for the well being of each child.

Growing and Learning in the Dragonfly Room:

In the Dragonfly Room, we nurture each child’s social, emotional, physical and cognitive development through routine care, such as diaper time and meal time, and also through planned curricular activities. Children explore fun activities through sensory play and are encouraged to touch, see, smell and hear everything they come into contact with!  We read books, sing songs, dance and blow bubbles. Children experience the great outdoors on our infant playground in the Spring, Summer and Fall. We also go on in-house field trips and walks in the center and the area around the building with the red buggy. The children love the variation in their day.  Above all, the infant staff all have a soft spot in their hearts for each child. These children are loved, nurtured and interacted with throughout the day.

Typical Group Size: 12

Staff to Child Ratio: 1:4


A non-refundable fee of $50.00 for the first child, $25.00 for each additional child per family is required.  A deposit of one month’s pre-paid tuition is required to hold an infant (16 months or younger) placement.  Of the one month prepaid tuition, FCDC will retain $500.00 as a New Family Deposit (the balance of the prepaid deposit may be used to pay tuition upon start).  Upon one (1) months’ notice of leaving or graduation, FCDC will refund the $500.00 New Family Deposit.  If the Center does not receive one month’s notice of termination of enrollment, FCDC reserves the right to retain the deposit.  Sufficient notice ensures FCDC is able to retain our quality teaching staff.


Families with two or more children enrolled full time will receive a 10% discount on the oldest child’s tuition.