Welcome to the Little Ladybugs Toddler Room


The Ladybug Room is designed with a toddler in mind! We have areas in our room for active play such as climbing and cars, quiet time in our book nook and imaginative play in our dramatic play center. Children are encouraged to learn through active play and in relationship with caring, nurturing teachers.

Understanding Your Child’s Development:

The world of 16-26 month olds is an exciting place where each day brings a new adventure. Toddlers are active learners and are not likely to sit still for long! They take in new information by doing, moving, touching, smelling and exploring. Toddlers are determined and independent so teachers work to promote healthy self-concepts and positive social skills. We strive to create a supportive classroom environment through positive interactions, predictable routines and engaging activities.

Growing and Learning in the Ladybug Room:

In the Ladybug Room, we nurture each child’s social, emotional, physical and cognitive development through routine care, such as diaper time and meal time, and also through planned curricular activities. Teachers help children practice sharing, taking turns, and using gentle touches to promote positive peer relationships. Saying good-bye to family members can be difficult in the mornings, so we put extra care into the drop off routine so everyone can relax and enjoy the day.ladybugs

Throughout each day, children are offered opportunities to engage in fun hands-on activities including sensory play, art exploration, large muscle and manipulative activities.  They are encouraged to touch, see, smell and hear everything they come into contact with!  We promote language development by reading books, singing songs, and practicing Sign Language. Toddlers learn through play by exploring puzzles, stacking blocks, dressing up, dancing and blowing bubbles. Children experience the great outdoors on our playground every day, weather permitting.

Each day with toddlers brings so much joy and teachers love sharing stories and observations with families. Through daily communication and conferences, parents and teachers come together for the well being of each child.

Typical Group Size: 12

Staff to Child Ratio: 1:6 (as often as we can), we will always follow state ratios of 1:7


A non-refundable fee of $50.00 for the first child, $25.00 for each additional child per family is required.  A deposit of one week’s pre-paid tuition is required to hold toddler and preschool placements. Pre-paid tuition will applied to your account when your child starts.


Families with two or more children enrolled full time will receive a 10% discount on the oldest child’s tuition.