Administrative Staff


Position: Executive Director

Start Date at FCDC: November 29th, 2021

Favorite Treats/Goodies: Wild berry skittles, salt & vinegar chips, Starbucks mango dragon fruit refresher, tacos, queso and chips.

Favorite Activities/Hobbies: Traveling, shoe shopping, watching general hospital and drag shows!



Position: Assistant Director

Start Date at FCDC: January 6th, 2003

Education: Early Childhood Education Certificate

Favorite Treats/Goodies: Swedish fish, Mike&Ikes, Starbucks Mango Dragon fruit refresher, colorful post-it notes, dry erase markers!

Favorite Activities/HobbiesI During the summer, I spend my weekends at the racetrack working on the race car my husband and I own. I aslo enjoy traveling, camping, fishing, reading and cooking.

Molly S.

Position: Kitchen Manager

Start Date at FCDC: June 1991





Name: Tamyra Stokes

Position: Firefly Afternoon Aide/float

Start Date: March 14th 2022

Favorite Treats/Goodies: Starbursts and BBQ Chips

Favorite Activity/Hobby: I like to shop and hang out with my friends.


Position: Grasshopper Aide

Start Date at FCDC: September 24th, 2018

Favorite Treats/Goodies: Popcorn and sugar free chocolate

Favorite Activities/Hobbies: Cooking, hiking, snowshoeing, reading

Assistant Teacher


Position: Assistant Teacher (Float)

Start Date: January 2022

Favorite Treats/Goodies: Goldfish, Starbucks, Sweet Tarts

Favorite Activities/Hobbies: Soccer, spending time with my family and friends!


Position: Infant assistant teacher

Start Date: May 23, 2022

Favorite treats/goodies: Kit Kats and cold brew coffees

Favorite activities/hobbies: Online shopping and baking


Position:  Caterpillar Assistant Teacher

Start Date at FCDC: December 14th,  2020

Favorite Treats/Goodies: Chocolate

Favorite Activities/Hobbies: Reading, cooking and spending time at my cabin in the summer.




Position: Caterpillar Teacher

Start Date: November 15th, 2021

Favorite Treats/Goodies: Kar’s sweet & salty trail mix, frozen grapes, chocolate biscoff cookies

Favorite Activities/Hobbies: Traveling, shopping, walking the trails with my love & honey (pug) and managing my small business.


Position: Ladybug Teacher

Start Date: March 31st 2022

Favorite Treats/Goodies: Fruit Roll-ups and any sour candy

Favorite Activities/Hobbies: Self-care, basketball, action movies and documentaries


Position: Firefly Teacher

Start Date: 5/26/2022

Favorite treats/goodies: Popcorn, graham crackers, and coffee!

Favorite activities/hobbies: I spend a lot of time outside with my dog Chicken! We love going hiking and taking road trips. I also enjoy baking, cooking, museums, and trying out new restaurants.


Name: Breana Lacambra

Position: Firefly Teacher

Start Date: June 27, 2022

Favorite treats and goodies: Peach rings, gooey brownies, dark chocolate

Favorite activities and hobbies: Painting, exploring new places, reading, fiction writing


Name: Nick Balcome

Position: Honeybee Teacher

Start Date: December 28th 2021

Favorite Treats/Goodies: Doritos, pretzels, chipotle, subway

Favorite Activities/Hobbies: Spending time with my girlfriend and 2 stepdaughters


Position: Caterpillar (Infant) Teacher

Start Date: November 16th 2015

Favorite Snacks/Goodies: Gardettos, Chex Mix, I love anything Savory vs. Sweet but love cookies and cake every once in awhile

Favorite Avtivities/Hobbies: I love spending time with my husband, traveling, having Sunday brunch with my Grandma and watching college sports along with watching bad tv dating shows on Sundays when my Husband isn’t home 😜
What I love about being a teacher: I love being a part of watching and helping our children grow and develop. I enjoy watching my babies reach small milestones, it makes me smile each and every day.



Position: Dragonfly Teacher

Start Date at FCDC: April 26th, 1993

Favorite Treats/Goodies: Swedish fish and Starbucks strawberry frappuccino

Favorite Activities/Hobbies: Going for long bike rides and looking for new trails to do so, cooking and trying new recipes and spending time with my daughter.



Position: Honeybee Teacher

Start Date: August 8th, 2018

Favorite Treats/Goodies: Caribou, Chocolate, Danish, Cheesecake , Hersheys with Almonds
Favorite Activities/Hobbies: Writing Poetry, Roller Skating, Cooking/Sleeping, Eating.


Position: Ladybug Teacher

Start Date: February 25th,  2019

Favorite Treats/Goodies: Nutella, godiva, cheetos and raspberry chocolate ice cream

Favorite Activities/Hobbies: Acting, dancing, photography, drawing, painting and adventures



Position: Grasshopper Teacher

Start Date at FCDC: August 8th, 2021

Favorite Treats/Goodies: Dark chocolate, licorice, and gummy bears

Favorite Activities/Hobbies: Anything outside (camping, fishing, ATVing, etc…) Artsy crafty things (crocheting, coloring, painting etc…) Spending time with my husband, daughter, and black lab.


Position: Grasshopper Teacher

Start Date at FCDC: September 2013

Education: AS in Child Development from St. Paul College and an AA from Anoka Ramsey.

My favorite activities to do with children at FCDC are science, math, sensory and large motor.

I hope to impact the children and families in a positive way….like when you reach for a hand and touch a heart.

My hobbies or special interests are being a life long student, crafts, sewing, fishing, reading, camping, hiking, photography and dancing.


Position: AM Firely Teacher/Teacher Aide

Start Date at FCDC: January 2018

Education: Attended the College of St Catherine with a major in Social Work and Minneapolis Technical College with a major in Child Development

My favorite activities to do with children are: working with the Preschoolers on their kindergarten readiness skills and having fun with them

I hope to impact the children and families I work with by: creating a fun, positive, and encouraging learning environment for their child to go to each day, so their child will look forward to going to school. I hope to teach the children the love of learning!

My hobbies or special interests are: I enjoy swimming and boating in the Summer

Molly P.

Position: Teacher (Substitute)

Start Date at FCDC: May 30th. 2018

Favorite Treats/Goodies: Grapes, clementines, popcorn and candy

Favorite Activities/Hobbies: Hiking, traveling, spending time with my family.