LaKesha (Lae)

Licensing Status: Aide (Float)

Birthday: March 10th

Start Date: March 12th 2024

Favorite Treats/Goodies: Fruit, Airheads, Frosted Animal Crackers

Favorite Restaurant/Store: Target, Sephora and Benihana

Favorite Activities/Hobbies: Going to the Gym, Shopping and Anything Outside

Aubry (Bree)

Licensing Status: Aide

Birthday: February 17th

Start Date: April 22nd 2024

Favorite Treats/Goodies: Reese’s Pieces, Granola Bars, Ritz

Favorite Restaurant/Store: Target and Raising Canes

Favorite Activities/Hobbies: Going on walks with my dogs, Reading and listening to music.


Licensing Status: Aide

Birthday: July 13th

Start Date: April 5th 2024

Favorite Treats/Goodies: Brownies, cupcakes, croissants, chips, flavored nuts and deep-dish pizza

Favorite Restaurant/Store: Target, Maya Riveria, Caribou Coffee and Applebee’s

Favorite Activities/Hobbies: Hiking and biking, kayaking, and canoeing, watching the Timberwolves and playing badminton.


Licensing Status: Aide

Birthday: January 19th

Start Date: November 16th, 2023

Favorite Treats/Goodies: Takis (not the blue ones), Chocolate (Not dark or white) Oreos, Socks, and all pink starburst

Favorite Restaurant: Target, Amazon, Wakame, Chipotle, Canes, and Chic-fil-A

Favorite Activities/Hobbies: Photography, Reading and Coloring.



Licensing Status: Aide

Birthday: September 4th

Start Date/Return: February 3rd, 2023

Favorite Treats/Goodies: Gummy Bears, Doritos spicy sweet chili

and strawberry everything

Favorite Restaurants/Stores: Arby’s, Michael’s, Walmart

Favorite Activities/Hobbies: Painting, crafting/making things,

watching Netflix and playing with my dog.




Licensing Status: Aide

Birthday: February 25th

Start Date: August 29th, 2022

Favorite Restaurant/Store: Applebee’s, Walmart, Target

Favorite treats/goodies: KitKat, Hot Fries, Chocolate Chip Muffin, Hot Brewed Coffee

Favorite activities/hobbies: Reading, Crochet, Netflix, Spending Time with my Daughter, Going to Target and Costco